Best wireless iPhone chargers from AliExpress 2022

10 best wireless chargers from AliExpress

More and more iPhones, headphones, “smart ” Watches and other devices support wireless charging. The manufacturers equip their smartphones with wireless charging, but do not put them in the kit, preferring to earn them separately, so you have to buy them separately. And on AliExpress there is an opportunity to save money if you buy chargers not from A-brands (although there are some, such as Samsung), but from simpler manufacturers, but proven and reputable quality. Today we will tell you 10 models of wireless iPhone chargers that are in highest demand on Aliexpress in 2021. We show you a variety of wireless chargers, because they can be used for almost any Android smartphone (before buying, you need to clarify what technology your smartphone uses and whether it is supported by the specific charger from our list).

Universal Quick Charger

Most functional in its class

Powerful accessory that combines the capabilities of a charging station and USB hub. Total power of 60W. Maximum power is 10W, the remaining 50W goes to 6 USB ports. One of outputs supports Quick Charge 3.0.

Nillkin Fast Charger

High speed charging

Functional panel with high-speed charging and original design. The developer has provided 4 modes of energy transfer, as well as effective protection for the device. The device is certified for compliance with Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc. products.

Baseus Simple

Compact size and unique design

Aluminum alloy and tempered glass enclosure. Baseus Simple surprises by its compact and original design. Among the features: the device will automatically cut off power when the battery is fully charged. Quick Charge is available "Quick Charge 3.0".

Floveme Qi Car Wireless Charger

Best price performance ratio

One of the most popular models for cars. Platform can rotate 360 degrees. There is support for fast charging. The perimeter is equipped with blue LED indicators (during charging, they light up). Feature will be a very strong mount.

Joyroom 15W Qi

Top for in-car installation

According to user reviews – the best option for cars. The charger is easy to install in the car. Provides over-voltage and overheat protection. The case is made of ABCS plastic and fireproof PC. Fits any phone.

Samsung EP-P5200

Versatility and high speed

Universal charging station that stands out for its functionality. Features 2 LEDs integrated in the case to let you know the status of your devices. Comes with handy 1m long USB-C cable.

Aikulli Wireless Charger Stand

Stylish and quality at an affordable price

Fashionable accessory that allows you to charge your smartphone, watch and headset at the same time. USB-C port, maximum power – 15W. The case is made of heat-resistant materials and has high durability parameters. The model will certainly be appreciated by those who prioritize comfort and aesthetics.

Baseus Simple 2in1 Pro Edition

Thoughtful design and functionality

Baseus 2in1 – Superior quality materials and thoughtful functionality. You can charge 1 or 2 smartphones or Apple Pro headphones at once. Charging capacity for Android phones is 10W, for iOS models – 7.5W, and for headset – 5W.

FDGAO 2 in 1

Compact charger with high quality build

FDGAO 2 in 1 is elegant in appearance. The charger will ideally fit into the interior and will not occupy a lot of space. The design includes 2 charging platforms at once: for phones and AirPods.

FDGAO 4 in 1

Versatility and maximum protection

Popular model that is notable for its universal usage: charges up to 4 devices at once. The body of the charging station is made of durable plastic. The developer took care of the maximum level of protection: from overcharging, overloading.

Universal Quick Charger

Wireless Charger stands out from the many counterparts on Aliexpress. This device combines the functionality of a wireless charging station and a USB hub. The description of the model specifies all compatible smartphones, phones that are not on the list are better to check with the seller. We would like to tell you about the technical specifications: total power – 60W, maximum power – 10W (the remaining 50W are available through 6 USB-ports). One of the ports supports Quick Charge 3.0. While charging you can use your smartphone by turning or changing the angle. Universal Quick Charger works properly when the thickness of the case on the phone is less than 0.8 cm. Users in reviews write about the disadvantages of the device: the glossy coating of the charger is prone to scratches, its housing is quite dirty.

Nillkin Fast Charger

Convenient wireless charging station with fast charging process. Wireless charger is designed for mobile devices that support the Qi-standard. Charges up to 15W and is compatible with models from the most popular manufacturers. Has a fast charging option that allows you to charge compatible devices much faster. Overvoltage, overcharging and overheating protection ensures proper safety of your device. Users note the soft silicone coating of the device that eliminates slipping, protecting the device from scratches. Evenly illuminate the top of the product when it is working. Color change button helps to adjust the backlight color or turn it off.

Baseus Simple

Compact Wireless Charger with ultra-thin body and original design. The gadget will allow you to charge any phone that supports the standard Qi. The main feature is the glass surface, which gives the product a futuristic look. The device guarantees efficient charging for a minimum time span – the maximum output power is 10W. Effective distance between Baseus Simple and your phone does not exceed 0.8 cm from the surface of the charging station – So there is no need to remove the case from the device. USB-connector is used for power, allowing you to use it with AC adapters and PC. To ensure the safety of gadgets, Baseus Simple has 10 levels of intelligent protection. If foreign metal objects are detected, the unit will block current flow. Among the obvious advantages: the quality of materials, original design and speed of charging.

Floveme Qi Car Wireless Charger

Available wireless option, which will be useful for those who want to install the model in the car. The charger is equipped with strong enough holder, base is sticky, at the corners are magnets. The platform itself can rotate around the axis, it supports fast charging function. There are blue LED indicators along the perimeter. Users praise the fact that the seller made a list of compatible smartphones. Comes with instructions, a cord for the cigarette lighter and a magnetic sticker. If we talk about the disadvantages, the device often fails when using the fast charging function.

Joyroom 15W Qi

In terms of equipment the induction charger will be the best option in our ranking. Also the advantage will be the fact that the device is easy enough to install in a car. The manufacturer has provided an effective protection against overvoltage and overheating. The build quality is excellent, there is no hollowness, and the mount moves very smoothly. The stand is made of ABS plastic + flame retardant PC, rotates 360 degrees. On the side, underneath, and installed the edges that keep your smartphone from falling out when driving fast. There is no difficulty in using the charger: everything is intuitive. On the front panel there is a LED indicator, which gives signals about the processes taking place. Users positively rate the Joyroom. Suitable for a variety of phones iPhone/Samsung/Huawei/LG/Google Pixel/OnePlus/Realme

Samsung EP-P5200

Universal docking station, compatible with the standard Qi, so you can charge your devices without using an additional plug. Samsung EP-P5200 allows you to charge virtually any smartphone that supports wireless charging. The design includes 2 panels that can be used to power phones and smart watches. Each has a fast charging option that allows you to charge compatible gadgets in a shorter amount of time. A characteristic feature will be two LED indicators integrated into the body Samsung EP-P5200, which inform about the current state of the device. Included with the docking station is a 1 meter long USB-C cable. If we talk about the disadvantages, users note the noise of the fan, but it is insignificant.

Aikulli Wireless Charger Stand

Another stylish model that allows you to charge your phone, watch and headset at the same time. The device is equipped with USB-C port and delivers 15W of power. The charging station has a wide range of input voltage, which makes it ideal for long trips. Aikulli Wireless Charger Stand is made of heat-resistant materials and is characterized by high durability. Thanks to the smooth matte finish docking station model has a presentable appearance. The stand for your smartphone is placed on the prop at the back in 1 of 2 positions: in 1 – the prop is magnetic and holds the device, in 2 – it is not magnetic and the gadget can fall out. As the advantages, users in their reviews highlight the high power of the device, the quality of materials and versatility. Sometimes you can find comments that the watch charger works poorly.

Baseus Simple 2in1 Pro Edition

Continues the ranking lightweight and compact docking station, which is equipped with 2 coils that allows you to charge 2 devices at once. Thanks to the device you can charge virtually any gadgets that support the Qi-standard. Energy conversion efficiency of 73%, which will confidently compete with the leading analogues. Baseus Simple 2in1 Pro enclosure is made of durable aluminum and is characterized by resistance to mechanical impact, as well as heat resistance. With the indication on the body the user learns about the status of the charging process. Intelligent control adapts the voltage to the specific device. The manufacturer took care of effective protection against overcharging, overheating and short circuits. Wide voltage range (100-240V) makes the adapter ideal for use on long trips. The quality of Baseus 2in1 is also evidenced by CE, CCC, RoHS certification.

FDGAO 2in1

Compact FDGAO has 2 charging platforms: for phones and AirPods. Docking station uses the most popular charging standard Qi, which guarantees its compatibility with a lot of devices and wireless headphones. QA3 adapter is required for fast charging.0 (not included in the set) A plus will be the fast charging feature (maximum output power up to 15W). Rugged case and concise design without any frills will create a fairly attractive model that will fit into any interior. Users also note in the comments the option of charging the phone in a case from the vertical and horizontal positions.

FDGAO 4 in 1

Universal and functional device that is one of the best in its class. Wireless docking station from the Chinese brand is designed for simultaneous charging of 4 devices from Apple. The maximum power is 15W, which is high enough. FDGAO 4 in 1 is made of durable heat resistant plastic. The developer claims a high degree of protection: from overcharging, overloading. The presence of temperature control and foreign object detection will be interesting. Speaking of drawbacks, users have written about the fact that the watch only charges in an upright position.

FAQ before buying a wireless charger from Aliexpress

How to choose a wireless charger
Choose a wireless docking station on Aliexpress harder than a smartphone or laptop. This is due to the novelty of such a gadget in everyday life. It is necessary to consider a number of basic technical characteristics that affect the operation of the device

Nowadays the standard value is 10-15 Watts. This budget models are suitable for all smartphones that support the Qi-standard. These performance parameters are considered to be the minimum value, where you do not need to wait half a day for the charging process to finish.

Regular docking station is equipped with a single coil and is able to charge 1 gadget. More expensive devices have 2 or even 3 coils. They allow you to charge several devices at the same time. Also include additional accessories: stands for upright phone, docking station with portsUSB-C, Micro-USB, Lightning, to charge gadgets without technology Qi.

Mains power connector
Not all models come with a cord. Therefore, you should consider whether or not there is a suitable home. You can buy a device with the same connector as your phone.

Working time
If the time is long, the device will not maintain a fast charge. Consequently, the smartphone will take at least 4-5 hours to charge.

Number of coils
Though this parameter has no effect on the speed of the charging process, but it significantly improves the usability. If the docking station has multiple coils, one of them will instantly match the gadget’s coil.

Site size
Some models will fit in the palm of your hand, others are similar in size to a PC mat. The larger the area of the docking station, the greater the number of gadgets you will be able to install on it.

The surface of the docking station must be anti-slip. Otherwise, the device can slip and fall, which is fraught with the failure of the device.

How to use wireless charging

While using a wireless charger, you need to keep the following aspects in mind:

Correct positioning of the device on a surface ensures better power reception and shorter charging times than models that are not positioned correctly. Since charging only occurs when the coils are sufficiently aligned in relation to each other, there is a risk that the smartphone will not charge at all if improperly installed. If the installation is done correctly then the screen will turn on and you will hear a beep. It is important to monitor this when placing the gadget on the docking station to make sure it receives power.

It is important to make sure that there is as little material between the 2 coils as possible. Although the case may not be a problem, objects such as an attached wallet can interfere with charging and even provoke damage to the cell inside.

The case
In some cases, it is recommended to remove the case from your smartphone, particularly when there is a battery or the case is made of metal. This can also create obstacles to the charging process.

You may also notice that your phone overheats after a long charge. This is normal – when the battery reaches 80% of its charge, the transmission will be paused if the battery gets too hot. This is how the security mechanism is implemented.

Sync by
Users may find it frustrating that the wireless dock doesn’t transmit and sync files. This technology is designed to charge your battery directly. Synchronizes via cable or Wi-Fi. If you need to charge your smartphone in the shortest possible time, it is recommended to use the Lightning port.

Any Qi-standard charger will work for your iPhone?
Any charger will do for smartphones. The gadget will not be in disrepair. Buy models "Specifically for Apple" no need.

iPhone gets warm during wireless charging. It is normal?
Yes, slight overheating is not some kind of deviation from the norm. Even if your smartphone gets too hot, the clever security system will stop charging by 80%. After the temperature drops, the process will continue.

If charging "over the air" always — It will affect the life of the battery?
The manufacturer points out that there will be no problems with the battery — You can safely forget about the wires.

While wirelessly charging your iPhone, you may hear some noise — it is normal?
There may be some minor interfering noises — It usually depends directly on the dock itself.

Is it possible to use more powerful chargers (iPhone "accepts" only 7.5W)
Yes, it is acceptable. Your smartphone simply won’t take any more power than it’s designed for — Special controllers will keep track of it.

Is it possible to leave the smartphone on charge when it reaches 100% (overnight, for example)?
According to the conventional wisdom of experts, you can do so — Long hours on line will not affect your battery life.